Tricks to get money online fast

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Tricks to get money online fast

Tricks to get money online fast

It: More than one thought it was completely easy to get rich in one of those “how to make money on the Internet” ads, but – of course – it was just an illusion.


The most common farce of the Internet age is based on offering the ignorant user the possibility to enrich themselves in an unusually simple way without having to leave their home or to interact with other people in front of them. It is the fantasy of any lazy or naïve, but just their lack of knowledge is what makes them fall into fraud by blindly trusting more astute strangers who illegally use the World Wide Web.


How to make money on the Internet

Yes. Those images of “win millions from home” or “You’re the winner of the Thousand dollar Prize” are absolutely bogus, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pocket a few bills using the net. It takes common sense and effort to do it and, mainly, to draw the attention of the public to a product: so be it tangible as a handicraft or an intellectual element, similar to an article or a digital book.


The following are ways to achieve it in a completely legal way and without running the risk of being scammed:
How to make money online money

It is the closest thing to “earn money by means of clicks”. There are some safe sites like AdFly or BitLy that allow to recover a slight gain by means of redirecting.

For example:
It has a link that ensures clicks with a striking news, but when the user tries to access, does not send directly to the site where the article is, but passes through other routes where there are ads (those where it says “wait five seconds to see your”) Link “). Such notices ensure a small gain – which increases when millions are interested in viewing the content –.


Not all the pages that offer this service are secure, so you need to do a thorough review of the method to not be disappointed and lose instead of winning.


Become a columnist

How to make money online legal

If you have the gift of the word and the skill enough to be a columnist that generates eye-catching content for sites that pay for that material, this option to make money is definitely the best. Pages like cracked, writers weekly or different famous publications offer remuneration to writers who create quality content and who win multiple visits. There are also sites in Spanish, but the real success is in the International English sites.


Sell your products/handicrafts

How to make money on the Internet

Working as an intermediary or as an independent producer is the easiest thing currently with internet access. You can sell products at sites like Amazon, MercadoLibre and EBay at different prices, and even create auctions for more valuable or interesting items. Once you have a perfect synchronization with a solid user base, reliable carrier and secure currency transactions, it becomes the easiest, especially for artisans, who operate at their own pace.


Create an App

How to make money online for free

Of course, it sounds difficult and only accessible to those geniuses of computer science or programming, but those same minds have facilitated the processes for anyone to create an application without extensive computer knowledge. You only need an excellent idea to get people interested and sell advertising or make users spend money to use it completely. The games are the most complex to create, but the ones that generate the most gain (depending on their concept).


Manage a Facebook page or sell tweets

How to make money on internet fraud

They seem the easiest way to sell advertising space, but it takes a hard job and have content that calls people’s attention to gain followers, multiply and sustain themselves while generating gain. On Facebook the gain is little and on Twitter too, so it depends on an external site where you can integrate advertisers. It is easy once it is understood (and that there are followers)

Expose your art and then sell

How to make cash online


The tactic that most works for most artists on Facebook and Twitter is to open accounts where they expose their work, upload material for a while to win a base of followers and even after becoming popular, trade with those products. It has been done with comic artists, poets, painters, photographers. It takes dedication, patience and a lot of effort; But it’s the price for not being ripped off
Leaving the Internet intact only requires common sense. Review any transaction and do not give credit card numbers to any page that will make sure you give a fortune to anyone who subscribes. The
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