Pictures to greet mom in her day

So that they can say hello to their mom on Mother’s Day, we want to leave some of the best images to paste in their murops and share labeling breast in their special day.

Mama Angel, mother away and close

I write these lines through the distance, to tell you that my heart, impregnated with sadness, is with you, that even when I have not been able to hug you in these painful moments, mourns your absence, because I wanted to touch your hands, hug you, tell the ear How much I loved him …

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But the distance is cruel you know, because thousands of miles separate us and I
I wanted to run by your side and in a single body shed these tears of pain
And sadness, of solitude, to be a single one to remember her laughter, her words,
Its strong presence that even if it is not still impregnated the home of
His love and tenderness.

I love you mom, I want to be in your life strength, love and fortitude, I want to be
Whoever heals your wounds and street your melancholy sighs with my eternal affection,
You don’t know how long to run by your side and lie on your lap so that
Your soft hands caress my hair like when I was a girl and I
You cradled with love, I know I’m already a woman, I’ve split your side in
Seeking my fate, but God did not prepare me for this absence from whom
I love so much, I just stay you, my sweet being that filled me with love and words
of encouragement.

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This letter I write with eyes full of tears, is hard the distance and more his absence, in the evenings I get his presence and only long to close my eyes and sleep so that in my dreams come to me and me of that hug that comforts me.

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I will no longer hear his voice in those long talks, I will not listen to his sweet words of encouragement or have his kisses and love, but I have the consolation of knowing that it is covered with love and beauty, which angel that every night will go down to earth and cover me with his snow-white wings , who will take care of my steps and remove from my path every stone that obstructs it.

I have to continue, but I only want to go to your side, I know that it will, I only ask you abrigues in your prayers that I also ask God to be always with me even in spite of the distance.

Our beautiful angel will take care of our steps because the … he was all love … my
Father, my old man, my eternal friend.

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