Online Marketing Course free

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Online Marketing Course free

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Currently having presence on the web is a necessity for all types of companies and projects. The training of the “specialization in e-commerce and Internet Marketing” provides participants with the training and tools needed to develop comprehensive projects in the network. Whether acting as a consultant, project manager or independent entrepreneur will have the necessary bases to plan, develop and assemble a business or a non-commercial website with an effective presence on the Internet.

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You will know how to use the latest techniques of digital marketing in design, implementation, execution and development of promotional campaigns, how to achieve traffic and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions and concrete results through analytical tools and Measurement. Whether it is a business application or for non-commercial initiatives, you will be able to understand the use of analytical tools, management techniques and practical applications to achieve an effective web site that manages to establish a prominent presence in the world of the Internet .


University expert in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
Project and launching of a website Marketing online. ECommerce Concepts and strategy: Online sales and e-commerce generate WEB traffic: SEO, SEM, Adwords, Natural positioning, email marketing, online advertising measurement and evaluation of digital Marketing activities-KPI and web Analytics
4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
I continued CAPACITANDOTE and get double certification


After completing the ‘ university expert in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing ‘ you will be able to make any of the following experts and choose a second certification with the orientation that you prefer.


International expert in Digital advertising
(3 months) International expert in E-Commerce
(3 months) International expert in content Marketing
(3 months) International expert in Social Media and Mobile Marketing
(3 months)
Get: Certificate of Approval Diploma International in Business and Digital Marketing with orientation in:
Online advertising E-Commerce Social Media content marketing and Mobile marketing
General Objective
That the participants:


Learn how to develop a digital project, creating the presence on the web, planning the strategies and actions that demand to mount an effective presence on the Internet for any enterprise.
Understand and exercise the necessary activities to integrate the digital media in the marketing strategies and communication of their enterprises in response to the possibilities of diffusion it offers and the risks involved in investing on the Internet as a means of Promotion and marketing.
Specific objectives
That the participants:


Get the skills you need to build a Web site project, upload it to the network, and manage to position it in a practical and effective way.
Understand the operation of the different tools of promotion, publicity, diffusion and positioning of the brand on the Internet.
Acquire competences to achieve by different techniques enough visits to the website to become clients, users or followers.
Learn how to develop the strategies and planning needed to implement media campaigns in the digital media
Develop the ability to measure, analyse and interpret the results of the tactical actions developed and can change or improve your plans for implementing digital marketing strategies.
Responsible for:


Marketing, communication and advertising area, Internet or digital marketing in companies or institutions
Professionals from interested agencies and consultants
Professionals or future professionals in marketing, communication, advertising and/or sales.
Entrepreneurs or managers of traditional businesses who want to take their business to the web.
People who are responsible for carrying out projects on the Internet and want to improve.
No prior knowledge of training is necessary for the course. Necessary resources: PC with Internet access for the monitoring of e-learning modality.


Teaching Methodology-Learning
Critical reading of reading material on the part of the students. Consultations and exchanges in the forums, directed and coordinated by the teacher-tutor. Classes in real time. Practical exercises and evaluations on the basis of analysis of situations and cases in work and professional contexts and, depending on the character of the subjects and objectives of the specialty or course, questionnaires of the type multiple choice.


Educational modality
The modality is completely mediated by technologies through the Virtual Campus FRBA. The activities to be carried out will be:


Weekly discussion forums proposed by the teacher (one forum per unit).
Consult the teacher via e-mail or cha

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