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by means of a simple tips advice that your profits grow in a 100%,if you are tired of writing and developing a theme that does not lead you to generate anything from diner or very little,we will provide you with the knowledge so you can increase the money that Google Adsense can give you through your ads.

the first step is to make quality content, so that the person who visits your blog, YouTube channel or Web,get caught up in content and do not leave without interacting on your site,make a content that keeps in your in your channel the most time to your visitor, if you are good in technology, create content that will help the visitor to satisfy their learning needs,if you are a pet trainer, talk about it and create related content, that if your visitor is interested in your insurance material will share your publication with your friends and so you can opt for more visits that will increase your CTR and cost per Click.

support yourself with images and videos that help the reader or visitor of your web or channel to understand the product you are offering

Resultado de imagen para aumentar tus ganancias

Search the countries with the best CPC (COST BY CLICK) and create a content so that those people who visit your web interact and have greater possibilities of clicking on your ads, which are the ones that will give you income working with Google Adsense.

Nowadays there are publications of 400 or 500 words that do not contribute information to the visitor of the website or youtube channel, and thus that visit does not re-enter your web.
if you create quality content it is likely that the person who came to your channel or web, subscribe and share your content in social networks increasing your web traffic and thus increase your income.

Create Display Text ads in the most visible parts of your website, to tempt the user to click inside the content of the advertisement and achieve benefits.
these are some of the practices that you should use on your website or youtube channel to increase your profits through the payments made by Google Adsense, we hope to be of help to you to achieve income and thus improve your quality of life.

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